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CSC is committed to our purpose of making our communities, customers, people, and partners better off tomorrow than they are today.



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People, planet, peace, and prosperity

As a global organization with employees across more than 40 offices worldwide, CSC has the responsibility to make a positive impact, and we fulfill that responsibility through our clear corporate purpose and strong stakeholder governance. We measure our success as a business not only by our ability to deliver valued services and products, but also by how we benefit people, society, and our planet. CSC recognizes that supporting sustainable business practices creates long-term value.

We strive to create a better tomorrow for everyone. CSC is built upon a foundation of giving back to our communities. Moving ahead as a company, we will remain steadfast in our dedication to public service, because service is our middle name. Service—to our people, partners, customers, and communities.

It is who we have been, who we are, and who we will continue to be.

Through living our values of being genuine and encouraging teamwork as part of the services we provide to our clients and communities we have chosen four core philanthropic pillars on which to base our sustainable development goals. These are areas where we can have a genuine positive impact on the world around us, in the areas of environment, social and governance practices.

Ensuring our local communities thrive

Proudly located in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, we invest in causes and foundations that better the areas where our people live and work.

Developing the workforce of tomorrow

Rooted in our efforts to help shape the future workforce, these initiatives focus on education and skill-building through youth mentorship, membership on education-related boards, and financial support.

Supporting the causes that matter most to our people

CSC prioritizes initiatives and causes that are most important to employees. We rally behind the efforts championed by our people to ensure the greatest possible benefit.

Achieving an environmentally safe operating model

Reducing our carbon footprint and making environmentally friendly decisions ensures a bright future for all generations to follow.


Around the world, local offices perform ESG sustainability activities. CSC provides oversight and direction for local offices to carry out these activities and sets out the values and goals on a global basis. Leadership endorses ESG sustainability activity and prioritizes it at a strategic level, ensuring that CSC is a purpose-orientated business delivering value to its employees, clients, and local communities.

  • Be professional, unbiased, and ethical in all our dealings and relationships.

    Our goal is to conduct our business responsibly, in a way that maintains the trust and respect of our clients, regulators, investors, industry bodies, and service providers. We will continue to be aware of our impact on people, society, and the planet, and hold ourselves accountable.

  • Support and advocate for diversity and inclusion.

    We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, and we support and encourage diversity and inclusion to help steer our company’s long-term vision and planning. Our commitment to diversity in our workforce helps us attract and retain the best and brightest talent and enables us to understand and respond better to our customers’ needs.

  • Encourage flexible working.

    Our new flexible working guidelines support employee well-being, work-life balance, and reduced carbon footprint as a result of reduced commutes.

  • Lead digital innovation in our industry.

    Our digitalization strategy not only disrupts our traditional paper-based industry, but it also supports our efforts to combat climate change as we move to replace hard copy documentation and use electronic signature technology wherever possible.

  • Continue to be an environmental steward.

    We look for new technologies to enhance and improve our business infrastructure while reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. We actively support sustainability within our owned office spaces through environmental initiatives including several green roof areas, the planting of more than 500 trees, the creation of a four-acre meadow of native grasses and wildflowers, and stormwater control and rainwater collection. Additionally, buildings include high-performance glazing, daylight harvesting, and programmable LED lighting. Our aim is to continually improve our already positive environmental impact.

  • Safeguard the interests of our stakeholders, clients, and employees by practicing excellence in security.

    We provide a secure, reliable, and compliant reporting service in every jurisdiction—and we take this service very seriously. We have robust IT, information, and data security as well as risk, governance, and compliance departments, and we place great importance on having global oversight across CSC. Adhering to regulation and protecting our clients’ interests are fundamental – not only to our success, but to maintaining integrity as a business.

  • Make ESG sustainability a factor in our choice of service providers and our ability to win new business.

    As part of our ongoing evaluation of service providers, we conduct due diligence of their operations, procedures, and values in relation to our own guiding principles, ethics, and social and governance standards. We look to attract the kind of clients who also want to work with socially responsible and ethical businesses.

  • Invest in the communities where we live and work.

    We will maintain a transparent and proactive approach and hold ourselves to the highest standards in benefiting people, society, and the environment. CSC gives back through encouraging and supporting social initiatives and staff engagement in local communities across our geographic footprint, providing our employees flexibility to maximize their engagement and charity work. CSC employees have contributed to more than 150 causes worldwide and have dedicated thousands of hours of their time to help our communities. CSC embeds these sustainable values into performance management, aligning with our purpose to make our communities better off tomorrow than they are today.